2021 Works Eligible For Awards

Hello, everyone. We are at the end of another year. That means I’m doing this again, listing my published works that are eligible for awards. It always makes a person feel self-conscious.

Per the Nebula website, “All works first published in English, in the United States, during the calendar year, in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre are eligible for the Nebula Awards® in their respective categories.”


A Resting Place For Dolls” – Published in The Dark magazine in February 2021. Anthony Bourdain’s death inspired this one, thinking of the people I know who have different means of handling their mental health.

This Is How You Make Selkie Skins” – Published in Mermaids Monthly, August 2021. I styled this after some posts you may see on Tumblr, instructional videos on how creation can help others while protecting yourself.

“Puddle Duck” – Published in Shelter Of Daylight Summer 2021. This is a short about a pizza delivery guy encountering a strange creature in the night. Clod the Mailman Mauler cat on Tumblr inspired this one and I adore his human for writing it up.

“The Awkward Vinyl Courtship Of Carolina Dear.” Published in House Of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Fiction Volume 3, November 2021. I had a dream about a theme park attraction where a live cast member, a woman, had to fake screaming and drowning when a fake sea monster attacks her. It felt pretty close.


Medium Articles

I’ve been publishing two to three articles a week on Medium. Part of it is to talk about all of the topics that interest me and experiment with which ones strike an emotional connection.

Below I’m listing my top four from 2021:

Bad Art Friend Pondering: Who Owns Stories? –In light of the Bad Art Friend story from the New York Times, I discussed how I felt about the whole affair, regarding how both authors involved and the parties in between was affected by the story.

The Mysterious Allure of Omori – My friend Bettina Levy played Omori, and I got into it after watching her many videos that went through the long main route. I couldn’t stop thinking about how many ways there are in


Lost Words: Using Art And Story To Express Loss –I’ve been waiting for this game for a while, about the power of story. It finally came out, and I cried during the stream.


The Hat Tip: Redoing An Old Phrase – I wrote a short piece about the power of changing the phrase we use to refer to appreciating things in life. Throughout 2022 I may consider other phrases that would serve as suitable alternatives.


I will be submitting more stories in 2022. My goal is to have more agency, to take charge of life and the way it’s going.

Have a great New Year, everyone! May it be happy, and full of promise.