2023 Works Eligible for Awards and Nominations

It is time for awards posts, for 2023 works. Mine for the year is below. It took a bit of effort to research, but I am happy with what I have put out into the world. If you would like to nominate any of these works, I would appreciate it a lot.

2023 has certainly been strange; I wrote plenty of short stories but didn’t publish all of them. While I didn’t publish as much fiction as I would have liked, I did get pitches accepted in new places like Clarkesworld and Game Developer.



Understudies – My new novel from Hiraeth. It takes place in the Haunted Basilio Theater, where a new theater troupe has to deal with the demons there, in exchange for free rent.

Short Stories

Cast of Wonders

CoW is one of my dream publications. Getting into them twice has been amazing. Below are two of the stories that were accepted.

Printed in Ink and Ashes -This story came from a personal place of pain. I was pondering generational trauma and what our parents hide from us.

A Letter to A Bully’s Mother – I wrote this story as a silly submission to a horror anthology.




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