A Colder Spring

Another March has come, and it has been unusual. The cold winds blow in from time to time, and with it the winter that we just escaped. I wouldn’t mind, except that for some lunches and dinners we need curry leaves, the little ones. They don’t grow at all during cold weather while blossoming during the summer. I’m careful to pick the good ones that aren’t covered with house paint or caterpillars. My friends still have snow in their parts of the world.

March has come with other surprises, some more predictable than others. The coneflowers planted several years ago have returned. I completely forgot the Oscars were going to happen again, if not surprised that they maintained a dated attitude towards animation. (Vivo deserved a nomination and a performance, and you can’t change my mind.) There was also the surprise that one speculative fiction magazine accepted a story, and a few editors responded to my requests about pitches.

Cold fronts also decided to settle down through the city, coming between rainstorms and some blistering days. They are unpredictable, sometimes comforting. That’s when you get out the jackets, and a hat if your ears feel chilly.

You can’t change the weather, or what happens during the month. We can, however, figure out what to wear, to stay warm.