A Month At Home

It’s been more than a month into the pandemic. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of thousands of people, young and old. A viable vaccine won’t be made for months and a certain idiot recommended bleach. These are tough times, I admit.

Fortunately, Miami is staying shut down. I don’t know about you but I’m glad that we aren’t having protests where people are demanding their right to get sick. My day job is still doing Work From Home for the moment, and we will see what happens in May, or even in a few months. I hope to catch up on work in the meantime.

Been watching feel-good shows more so than depressing one. Hulu took off Halloween Baking Championship, but I watched all the way up to the most recent season and reveled in the teamwork everyone had as they made decadent treats. Yes, Halloween is six months away. We are also undergoing strange times and I love seeing the different experiments.

I have a whole blog of Lego Masters in me and why it’s awesome. If the shutdowns lift in a few months, I hope we get a season two. Part of me wants to apply but I know nothing about building with Lego. At the very last, I hope we have Will Arnett as a host.

We’re all coping in different ways. Millions of people are going to die, from the virus itself or from strokes. Happy-making TV helps, as does the disturbing ones like Rick and Morty. My brother and I just finished season 3 of that. It has definitely grown on me despite the nihilism. We’ll see when season four arrives if that changes. I will probably write a post on that show and nihilism.

Television was once said to rot our brain. Maybe it does, but real life seems to be good at that as well. We’re doing what we can to stay calm in the face of death, incompetence and ignorance. Some days we need to see a very well-baked cake to do just that.


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