A Summer Of Cutting Back

Another summer has come and gone. It is now September, and I can’t believe some kids started school on a Thursday in August. Where did all the time go? How is it that the family is going to get bigger in a matter of months? Why are we in fall already, and pumpkin season is upon us?

I also now have time to ponder the summer. This year was the first year I didn’t participate in a writing challenge in July. I did do Camp Nanowrimo as usual, but that is volunteering as well to make sure that even while traveling, and I set a low goal for myself to meet those challenges and expectations.

What Is Flash Fiction Month In the Summer?

Flash Fiction Month is an annual challenge on Deviantart. You do one short story a day under 1000 words and answer prompts if you want to maintain a streak. The prize is mainly bragging rights and a lovely community.

Why didn’t I do that Flash Fiction Challenge? Part of it was the traveling, and the other was the website going into NFTs and claiming copyright for those stories. The other part though was a realization. I didn’t have the energy to write one flash fiction story a day, or two sometimes if I missed one and had to make up for it to meet different challenges.

My plate is very loaded with a new job, freelance writing on the side, volunteering for Toastmasters, and other real-life responsibilities. As a result, it’s a constant balancing act. When we were traveling this summer, I had to take other opportunities. That meant also doing away with others.

Sometimes you don’t have to do a tradition if it has more costs than benefits. In this case, it would have cost more to keep up that writing, especially since that July was very stressful. I didn’t get to enjoy my birthday properly, and I admit I am still miffed about that.

If I want to do flash fiction, I do want to focus on what I can tell within the limitations of certain words. What I have written for friends and in smaller groups seems to have a bigger impact.