Eligible Awards Post

It’s that time of the year again, where awards nominations are up for next year, specifically for the Nebulas in 2020. Most of my works published this year are listed as such. The last time I won awards for writing, it was back in high school at the local youth fair.

Per the Nebula website, “All works first published in English, in the United States, during the calendar year, in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre are eligible for the Nebula Awards® in their respective categories.”

Short Stories

“Mustard Seeds and The Elephant’s Foot” – Originally published in If This Goes On, this story is about using Indian mythology to reconcile what the world was with what it could be. Obviously I’m still mad at the relative who inspired this tale.

“The Sandbar Cast Original Soundtrack” – Dark Moon Digest #37. I attended a Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screening back in college and marveled at how much fun the story was. This one is about a screening gone wrong.

Long Work

The Powered Series 

I am so proud of working on this one. Capstone contacted me last year and asked if I would work on a science fiction series.

Epiphany – Kelli applies for a study that has a dark secret. She ends up uncovering quite a conspiracy.

Stolen – After a precious diamond is stolen from an auction, Kelli must find the thief. She also must keep her best friend in the know.

Novice – A trip to see her father goes wrong when he signs her up for a sports camp. Kelli is not impressed, or athletically gifted.

Sabotage – Kelli joins an all-girls gamer group to win a certificate. She finds that their enemies are cheating, though she can cheat back. The dilemma becomes who will get caught first.



Comic MNT Articles

I wrote two articles on comic inking; one on merchandising in comics will also be up here. Steve Morris has been a great editor and I have enjoyed working for him.

Never Learned To Ink, Parts One and Two – Comic inking by hand can prove tough. I should know from experience and from what I read as a kid. These are some articles on the options you have when you want to add that depth and line weight.

AniFem Articles

Anime Feminist is a website where we can use the manga or anime to analyze the social situations they portray.  I’ve published two articles with them this year:

The Fractured and Famous: Celebrity culture and control in Perfect Blue – Perfect Blue is one of those films that unwittingly predicted the #MeToo moment and offered a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of the entertainment industry. I had to delete a paragraph about Terry Crews’s story for the relevance, but I am proud of how this analysis played out.

What We Owe to Creators: Burnout in manga artists and how to prevent it – One heinous thing in anime was that Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi suffered burnout after Kodansha lost seven pages of her series PQ Angels. Burnout is actually a common phenomenon for artists. I hope we can make changes.

Medium Articles

I’ve been writing more on Medium this year, partly due to changing circumstances and because I want to find a niche for my nerd stuff. While there are currently about twenty pieces, below are what I consider my best ones:

Zeal – The Serenity Prayer and Rakuen – One of my online friends got me into Rakuen, a video game that left us both as sobbing wrecks when he finished it. I thought about why it affected us, and how it made us cry. Then I pitched this article to Zeal.

A Rebuttal To The New Yorker: No, Fandoms Are Not Becoming As Toxic As Politics – The New Yorker claimed that fandoms are becoming toxic and bringing out the worst in people. I got angry, writing as someone who found friends in fandom.

Arthur, Mr. Ratburn, and Animated LGBTQ Marriages – On the show Arthur, Mr. Ratburn got married to his sweetheart Patrick. I talked about why this episode was necessary.



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