Finding Headspace in An Uncertain New Year

One of my goals for 2024 is to create headspace. By that I mean creating a space of calm and focus, where I can write or draw. It’s not the same as the Headspace app, to which I subscribe because I love the meditations on there. The app helps you set more goals than that, but that would be my main goal.

When I have headspace, I can enter a state of tranquility. I’ve mainly felt that sense during the end of yoga classes, when doing closing poses. It’s the sense that everything is okay, and chaos will not interrupt. You enter a zen mode.

I’ve found that it’s easier said than done to create that calm outside of the yoga studio. When meditating, keeping still is hard for me. Life keeps interrupting. 2024 has already started with a bang, given what has been going on with the Hugo Awards. While I was just reading the news about what was going on with the Chengdu ballots, some of the later details did concern me. (The Guardian has a writeup if you want to know the gist.)

Each year has been full of surprises. Some have been good, and some have been kinda iffy. Yet New Year’s is a time that we can change ourselves, to the best of our ability. Why is it so hard then?

If major factors don’t change in our lives, we face the same obstacles. There’s a reason why writers with children may find a creative block, or when job hunting makes one lose morale. So we have to climb that hill, even if we’ve climbed it before, and that wears on a person. Making a change means finding ways to not let these obstacles drain your energy, and to accomplish new things without burning out.