Happy Surprises

My older brother is an evil genius. I already know he’s a genius, since he skipped 4th grade and graduated high school in junior year, and I know he cares a lot. But this scheme takes the cake.

It was my mother’s birthday on Sunday. I’ve gotten her gift, and it’s nicely wrapped. She thanked me for it, a memory foam pillow to assist with sleep. With luck it will help her through the year.

My mom worries about us. She frets if my older sister Divya doesn’t call for a few days to talk. We try to assure her that we are all safe, and that if my sister doesn’t call, she’s probably tired.

Jay and I watched some Netflix after Friday evening had wrapped up, and then we went to bed at a late time. He had told me, after I had showed him a clip of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show, that it didn’t look like his cup of tea.

Saturday morning, Jay texted from “work” to say that he was picking up a present for Mom. Mom said that was fine with her, since it was the weekend.

I was sleeping in, and footsteps woke me. So did my mom’s delighted squeal. Then my door opened, and Jay asked if I wanted to see mom’s present and cupcakes. I said I had already guessed based on the voices conversing in low whispers.

Jay had picked up Divya from the airport, along with a box of cupcakes. As Divya put it, she was the present. And he had kept it a secret from all of us.


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