Inspiration (Or Lack Of) From Travel And Writing

Writers from the 1800s and 1900s have talked about how travel has inspired them. John Steinbeck went on a road trip with his dog. Those adventures became the memoir Travels with Charley. Neil Gaiman’s move to America would lead to his breakout novel hit, American Gods. Travel and writing has always existed.
Many other examples exist; there is a reason that some writing retreats have locations immersed in nature and with unique sights. Sometimes being among greenery in a new place can spark inspiration.
My family has spent two months in California, to support my older brother who is starting a new job here in his specialty field. He has made a great first impression on his coworkers, which isn’t a surprise because my brother is really cool. We fly back to Miami Saturday morning, early. While it hasn’t been vacation exactly since I’m still working, it has been quite a trip.
I was wondering if being in a new place for a few months would inspire a new book. After all, getting out of one’s comfort zone can help immensely. Since I had plenty of other projects, I thought it’d be best to let the book come to me.

The two months have come and gone. I have written and rewritten freelance, got a few short stories accepted (so excited) and many rejections.

Did that new book come? Do I have a manuscript in hand, ready to share with my friends before entering the revision trenches?

Well, not exactly. The idea did come eventually. But the idea is only the start. I still have to write the rest of the book. All writers have to do that part.

Inspiration can help with your writing. It is only a fraction of the formula. We still have to put in the work, and get the words on the page.