Magazines In The Tub: I’ll Miss Glamour

When I was at my university’s gym, you could read magazines while running on the treadmill, bike or Stairmaster. It beat trying to read paperbacks because the one time I tried, the paperback flew off the treadmill and got torn. (I still have it, by the way.) That’s how I discovered Glamour, and meaning behind the pages. Later on, I would read Glamour or Teen Vogue in the bathtub while chilling.

Glamour is going digital. I got a notice in the mail along with a copy of regular Vogue. There would be no more topics to read in the bathtub unless I got a waterproof case for my Kindle. I’d have to find another magazine if I wanted to risk pages with the water and foamy bubble bath.

That hurt. A lot. I was really sad, though reassured when Vogue would take up the rest of the subscription. It felt like the end of an era. Not everyone wants to go digital. At least, I don’t want to read all the articles online. I want to chill and lie back.

Glamour magazine was the perfect balance between pretty images and informative magazines. You could learn about the perils of drug addiction from women who get two hours of sleep a night, how someone caught a predator with a lot of uncomfortable web-cams, or about why dating a mob boss would be a terrible idea. Also, you could get workouts that are made for the ordinary person. While the magazine wasn’t perfect, given the whole interviewing Carly Fiorina and Nikki Haley, but the magazine was comforting.

As you imagine, I’m looking for a new magazine to read. Currently, I have Worth and some Vogue. If you have recommendations, I’m all ears. 


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