I have a full draft of a blog about last Memorial Day, and misadventures with making a souffle. It seems inappropriate, however, given what’s going on in the States.

The world is on fire. As usual. This time the heat has been turned up, and we are seeing so many people hurt. I’m checking social media and finding out that others are expressing rage about the tear gas canisters and pepper balls lobbed at protestors who are trying to march peacefully.

At least two people have died as a result of the protests. The cops are revealing that they want a good photo op but will arrest and shoot at anyone they want, including children and journalists. One journalist is now permanently blind in one eye.

Also this weekend, the Nebulas happened. It was a virtual convention. Cat Rambo won a Nebula for her work. I volunteered to serve as a backup and helped a little bit with editing. It feels wrong to have enjoyed talking about crafts and kids walking onto the Zoom call, to express their opinion. Yet I enjoyed myself.

Also also, a literary agency head revealed they called the cops on protestors. Several of their clients and agents walked out on her. Another editor of a magazine was a bit racist, and now I know I’m not going to submit to them anymore. In the middle of all this, a young editor of a speculative fiction magazine for young writers asked if I could judge her contest.

I hope everyone stays safe. We’re now seeing people as they really are, both on the streets and on social media. I’ll post my souffle blog on Thursday or Friday, when joy is more appropriate.


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