Pride to me is an event where others can come out and celebrate who they are, on the LGBTQ spectrum. Whether or not they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, ace, trans, nonbinary, or more, Pride Month is a time to face centuries of oppression and erasure to declare your support. Hate still happens, but we find ways to rise up and fight back.

It should mean something to me. As someone out of the closet, I should be someone thrilled with the rainbow. Yet instead, I feel some distance. Pride is not for me, because the rainbow doesn’t mean freedom. The rainbow is for other people, who deserve it far more.

A rainbow means creativity and hope. To me, it means looking towards a horizon and imagining a destination for a journey. That’s why Kermit sang about rainbows.

Pride for others can mean freedom to come out of the closet. They honor the Stonewall Riots, which started turning the tide about LGBTQ rights in the United States. My joy comes from seeing how others are treating Pride. Friends that have been dealing with homophobia from casual corners find reasons to celebrate, whether with appropriate costumes, art, or even food. Posts come out talking about historical figures that have fought for the right to wear clothing that was illegal at the time, or have date nights.

We take victories in little ways. Even when we cannot feel the same emotions, we can celebrate those who do. I love you guys.