Winter Concerts

What did it feel like to attend a local high school concert? Like coming back home.


2022 Works Eligible for Awards

Another year, another post. I often feel so shy when doing this. But I can’t appreciate the support that you all give me sufficiently. Below…


What IS The Halloween Spirit?

Here we are, the end of another long October. Rather it has been a year full of ups and downs. We’ve had some rather real…


80 Entries

Every year my local library hosts a summer challenge. Usually the systems have a drawing contest, not the bookmark drawing contest where you can submit…


Ending My Toastmasters Presidency: Looking Back At An Era

Two weeks ago, we held virtual elections in Toastmasters, a chapter of a public speaking organization. I’ve been attending for seven years and counting. Last year I was elected President, and accepted the nomination when realizing that no one else had time or spoons to be president.