The Candy Jar

At work, in offices, i like to keep candy jars around Halloween time. It gives you an excuse to stock up on the Hershey offshoots that remind you capitalism controls us because childhood candy flavors give us too much. You also find an opportunity to bond with your coworkers by being nice to them. That’s no small feat.

This year, there is no candy jar. I am offering to bake cookies and dog biscuits for my coworkers, however, because that was what I did last year. At least, I did the biscuits and soul cakes in 2019. The pumpkin chocolate chip cookies will be new, and I hope that everyone does love them. At least, I hope that the people will be getting them will love them. Will be mailing them and supporting our post offices. You do what you can to add a little more good.

When life hands you lemons, as the saying goes, make lemonade. That requires seeing problems as lemons, however. In this case, when life hands you social distancing and shutdowns, do what you can to keep the connections going.

This Halloween is different. We can’t deny that. But we have ways to connect, and find joy in the scares.


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