The Last Day in This Office

Last Tuesday was the last day that I went to my day job’s current location. I still have my job, but that office is closing since we’re all working remotely, with an ongoing search for a smaller one. Thus, by logic, it’s not fiscally sensible to keep the lease on that building. It’s not safe for us to be gathering there every day, even with a mask. The answers are all logical.

It’s bittersweet. I’ve enjoyed working in that office and going on walks around the area during my lunch break. We spent Halloween decked in costumes while drafting articles and marketing. Now that space outside the home is gone.

Everything looked the same, apart from landscaping changes, and furniture piled up. I took a cake that I brought for my boss and the office manager, that has fresh grated ginger and limoncello. The other half went into a care package for someone in need of cheering up. It’s a good cake, and I nearly had a huge portion of it.  The office manager asked me to put the slices in the fridge. I did, on paper towels.

Mind that it’s a good thing that the office has been closed. With the pandemic, many businesses have had to close or furlough employees. Knowing that we aren’t going back to that location, however,  has confirmed that this pandemic is here to stay. We are going to see a lot of sickness for a long time.

I hope you all are staying safe and taking care of yourselves. Don’t forget to wash your hands and wear a mask. If you are baking, grating ginger is oddly soothing and meditative when you need time to think.


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