The Little Joys In A Rainy February

A rainy February is unusual for Miami. In my memory, the rain comes with the spring and the dandelions. This sort of cold rain feels unfamiliar.

Rain has poured for three days this past weekend. It came in droves right as I was going to check the mailbox on Sunday.  Just as well, since after the rain stopped this past evening, the cold front came. I’m going to enjoy being bundled up under several blankets. It has been nice.

Being an author in 2024 is interesting, to say the least. If you are following WorldCon news, you saw that the Hugos caused a bit of a stir. I wrote a bit about that and am unsure how one navigates the after, as awards season opened up for 2024 WorldCon.

But what was a rainy February like last week? For starters, on a sunny day I was able to catch up with a friend. She had been traveling, and the experience allowed her to reconnect with family. We got lunch and she found a restaurant with a One Piece theme in the works. I hadn’t noticed it at all, since a veggie burger place used to occupy that area. She took home some mead cake I had made and insisted on sharing, since I thought it had come out well. It was nice to make that.

Seeing a good friend has reminded me how much the little things matter.  Joys remind us that we don’t always have to be rushing towards a goal or worrying about the world. Sometimes all you need is a few hours of conversation, and some good cake. It’s easy to forget, and I hope to remember it more.