Things You Learn From Attending Yoga Class Late

  1. The studio has a late entry policy, especially if you paid in advance, and they know that you’re a regular who is trying their best. They reassure you that everyone comes late.
  2. You may have underestimated everyone’s new year resolutions. Why yes, there are so many people ready to stretch!
  3. Bad auras exist from your tardiness. Someone will get snippy about moving their mat and telling you to arrive on time.
  4. Your instructor will move you away from the snippy person and reassure you about arriving late.
  5. It’s possible to have a decent class where you are in pain, in the emotional sense. Your mind will not clear, and you keep staring at the person.
  6. Afterward, class changes for the better. The instructor asks people to make room for late arrivals. We all move forward. I arrive on time as well as I can.
  7. The person appears from time to time. You ignore them and try not to let them affect how you do yoga. The point of the class is to wind down, build body strength, and honor your parking.
  8. You always make room after you make an effort to arrive on time, so that the next late person has room.

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