Turning 32

Today I am 32. I was awake last night and streaming when midnight passed on the West Coast. The game was about arranging a special party, and one created by developers that want to encourage kindness. It took me a while to finish because I needed to look up a guide on how to complete certain quests. The walkthrough did help, and I can’t wait to post my thoughts and support the developers.

Hard to believe that a year has passed, and I’m in a different place, literally speaking. Another book came out, one which my friends love and that I was worried no one would want. I started a new job, and have picked up skills by following watercolor tutorials. When doing surveys, I need to list that I am 32 and not 31. It is a bit jarring to increase the number.

Back in January 2023, I was thinking about resolutions. The one that I determine would guide me is to be braver and bolder. I have done things I never thought I would, like drive in another state, and talk on a panel at the Nebulas. A new job means trying out skills at my pace, while learning new programs and techniques. In addition, I’ve interviewed people after taking a while to track them down online. There is a lot I have accomplished, and I keep hustling.

Growth is not linear. We may think it is, but in truth, we may not be able to measure our progress from a personal perspective. Trusted friends and mentors can remind us how much we have accomplished. And sometimes we need that push, to see how far we have come.

I’m 32. And this year has been different.