Vintage Muppet Lessons

It has been a busy few weeks. My day job is having a lot of projects that need to be finished fast, including drafts and revisions. Some personal projects also need work. Oh, and also more than 80,000 people have died with the numbers fast approaching 100,000. Meanwhile, the trolls are starting their propaganda to break up the left-wing again.

I admit it can be hard. This past Thursday I was freaking out over more than a few deadlines and revisions that need to be done by next Friday. And then I rewatched this clip.  It is vintage Muppets, before Jim Henson got his show. You can tell because it has a gun in it.

In the short, a happy girl Muppet talks about how she loves beautiful days. Another one does everything that he can to ruin it for her. The only thing he really can’t ruin is rain but seizes an opportunity when she points out how rain brings flowers. When he goes too far, she bluntly says he’s awful, and it’s beautiful how he’s worked hard to reach this level of perfection. He starts shrinking from the shame of it, and she grabs the flyswatter. “You gotta talk your troubles down to a size where you can handle them,” she says before smushing him.

It’s hard to know how to literally do that. We all have a monster in us who says, “Grinch, Grinch, Grinch!” and tries to ruin the things we love. That has been appearing more, as we are inside. Yet we can find other ways to find joy, somehow, and overcome obstacles that are otherwise overwhelming. I hope to make my problems smaller.

I’ve got so many pieces to write, and so little time. Yet somehow I’ll achieve most of them. A person can hope at least. And going to be attending the Nebulas next week. That will be exciting!

Love you all. Stay safe, don’t go out in large groups, and wear a mask in public. For the love of your life, hold onto your health.


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