What IS The Halloween Spirit?

Here we are, the end of another long October. Rather it has been a year full of ups and downs. We’ve had some rather real scares that will affect our future down the line, like a certain social media giant changing hands. There is also the question of who will be running the country, with Election Day a week and a day from this evening. That’s going to be lots of fun, seeing the disruption that has already occurred that reminds me people can disappoint consistently.

Halloween is the one time of the year where you can put all of that behind you, by dressing up in a costume. It’s why I like it so much, to immerse into the spirit and pumpkin time. That’s why I like it so much, with that spirit. You can feel fear while also feeling safe in your home.

With kids and adults, however, a line seems to exist between events. Both involve energy, and some lowered inhibitions. I haven’t been able to find my place in-between.

For kids, Halloween is a time to eat candy, dance to remixes of popular songs with loud speakers that make the air vibrate, and get some nice face makeup, bubble machines, or stage magic. I attended a neighborhood party with my family, and saw many happy children dancing under floating skeletons. They were utterly adorable.

Adult events seem to involve a lot of alcohol without some quiet sitting and enjoying when the wind rustles. You have to be willing to handle large music as well, and dancing. That doesn’t feel like my cup of tea when I want to absorb the Halloween vibe. Admittedly, I’ve never been to such an event.

What is the solution? For me it’s making your events. Find the ones that may be softer, and set the stage you want. You do what you can, even when stressed for time. I’ve been hosting creepy stories over Discord voice chat with a small group of friends, since the pandemic started. Even doing one of those in October is enough to make a person feel satisfied.

The Halloween spirit is determining your ideal comfort zone, and finding your level of scare, or entertainment. For me, it’s getting a chance to sit back and relax, while hearing disembodied voices recite creepypasta or classic horror. Then it’s grabbing a pumpkin bar, and savoring the spices.