What It Means To Be Bolder And Brave

One of my resolutions for 2023 is to be bolder and braver. I looked back at what I did in 2022, and doing things out of my comfort zone helped me grow. Yet I didn’t gain courage. All I did was check more items off bucket lists, and know what I can do.

That facet has to change. I need to take my destiny by the hands, rather than hesitate at new opportunities. You only get a result when you act.

What does it mean to be bolder and brave? It means not to let fears hold me back or to feel limited. If something feels scary, I want to examine why, and if I want to do it. And will I feel different after?

Last year I went to two conventions out of state. It was the first time in ages I had traveled without family. And I want to do it again. I also went to tourist locations in Miami with friends that I hadn’t seen in years or at all. It was nice to just shoot the breeze.

Tonight? I went to an author event, not as a reader but as a writer covering the event. It was nice to be press, and to take notes on a story. I can’t wait to type up my notes and publish the photos I took.

This was just the end of January. February will promise more opportunities for courage. and I promise myself to take them.