What You Want To Share

Anime is considered still niche. We can see why, with facial expressions and exaggerated gestures. Even though the art form has evolved, it still has those roots in being weird and exploring how far you can take the paper drawings.

I have a hard time sharing stuff. By that, I mean finding something that I know I will enjoy with someone, usually television. Being able to bond with someone over having similar reactions to the same show is meaningful. With anime, that can be tough in the age of DVDs and finding someone.

Connection is what we all want. We want someone to see us when we like the same media. We hope to share the joy. Sometimes, however, it’s not in the cards.

I was hoping to share Paprika with someone. They weren’t interested. I tried to be okay about it, but I was told after I had requested the DVDs from my local library.  It means I’m planning to watch the DVDs on my own, probably with some caramel popcorn on hand. Or Peeps. Peeps are comforting.

My backup plan is to watch a show that one of my friends recommended, a magical girl anime that gets me texting excitedly every time I complete an episode. There are five to go and perfect for a miniature marathon. I need it this week, for reasons I’ll explain later.


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